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There are many organisations that may be able to help support you or your family member, below are a few links that you may find useful.


Please note this list is for information only and does not constitute our endorsement.

Know the Score
Drug information and advice Service providing information on the affects of drugs and how they are taken.
Information and advice on everything you might want to know about drugs (and some stuff you don't).
Scottish Kinship Care Alliance
National network of Kinship care groups across Scotland who campaign for the basic rights of vulnerable children.
Working to increase the quality of life of vulnerable and marginalized groups in Europe.
Geeza Break
Providing respite and family support services to parents / carers of children 0-16yrs in Glasgow.
Scottish Drugs Forum
Drugs policy and information organisation and national resource of expertise on drug issues.
Promoting the needs of families affected by a loved one's alcohol, drug or gambling problems.
Citizens Advice Bureau
Supporting people to resolve their money, legal or other problems by providing information and advice.
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