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Kinship Support

A Kinship Carer is Family members or close friends who takes on the care of a child / children because the birth parents are unable to do so.

Kinship Care is a complex situation and no 2 families are identical, which is why we offer a wide variety of supports that can be used together or separately to support Kinship Carers and their Kinship Children.

In partnership with Geeza Break we are able to offer various supports to any family who meets the 2nd generation care criteria.

2nd Generation Care Service Criteria:

  • Where a Carer has the sole care of a child / children due to parental addiction

  • and lives within Glasgow Local Authority Area.

There is no need to have active Social Work involvement to access the service. Agency or self-referrals are accepted.

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If you are a Kinship Carer & meet our criteria contact us to find out more about the supports we can offer!