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FASS Staff

Volunteer Coordinator

Janine is our Volunteer Coordinator and has been with FASS since December 2018 and is experienced in the addiction field. Janine has a wealth of experience , open and empathetic Janine is the main contact for volunteering opportunities and Hypnotherapy & Holistic Therapies.

Janine Aitken

Senior Administrator

Mandy Macfarlane is FASS's Senior Administrator since 2018 ,Mandy has worked in admin roles for most of her working life, however after volunteering for various cancer charities, Mandy had decided to work full time within the charity sector and make a difference to others.  She recently completed her Introduction to Counselling and Counselling Skills SVQ modules.

Mandy Macfarlane

Service Manager

Lorraine McGoldrick is FASS’s Service Manager.  Lorraine ensures the smooth running of FASS alongside the dedicated team of staff and volunteers. 


Lorraine has worked in a variety of different settings, including homelessness, addictions and family support. 


Lorraine is passionate about promoting the needs of families who need that extra bit of support within our community. 

Lorraine McGoldrick

Family Support Worker

Michele Kearney is a Family Support Worker at FASS and has been with us since 2017, however she was one of our Volunteers from 2014-2017.

Michele is passionate about supporting families affected by a loved one's drug or alcohol problems and her commitment comes from her personal experience following the loss of her daughter. Michele is COSCA Certified and has completed CRUSE Bereavement Training.

Michele Kearney

Family Support Worker

Val Connell is our Volunteer Coordinator and she started with FASS in October 2017. Val has a wealth of experience in addiction and homelessness work. Until recently Val was a Senior Practitioner in Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre. In addition Val has supported many vulnerable women who have experienced trauma as a consequence of addiction. Val has an open and empathic approach and is passionate about supporting people affected by addiction.

Valerie Connell


Katie Joined FASS in May 2015 as our Administrator. Katie plays a vital role in the logistics of many of the services at FASS.

Katie is the main contact for those wishing to access caravan breaks and she provides a lot of admin support to our many groups. Katie is also responsible for our small funding applications.

Katie is keen to support families affected by a loved one's drug or alcohol problems and she always has a smile and a kind word to say to those who contact FASS.

Katie Troy

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Family Support Worker

Marlene Johnston is one of our Family Support worker at FASS and has been with us since 2005.  However she has been involved in FASS since 1995 when she lost her young son. She helped start up one of FASS’ original bereavement groups.  She also started FASS’ beautiful Quilt of Remembrance with another mum who lost her son that same year.  Marlene’s passion and drive stems for this deeply personal loss and she works closely with clients to ensure that they are aware of all the supports available to them

Marlene Johnston

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