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Chap at the Door

As part of GRANDWeek 2012 FASS produced and performed a Drama called 'Chap at the Door'. With the help and support of Ann Matheson from Create a Drama.  Concept by Marlene Taylor, FASS' Service Manager

The Drama's aim was to highlight some of the issues that affected families following the loss of a loved one through a drug related death.

One of the main outcomes of this event was to help families, police and the procurator fiscal understand each others perspectives following a drug related death.

We now have a direct link with Police Scotland and the Procurator Fiscal. If any family member feels that they have unanswered questions following the loss of a loved one through a drug related death and they would like FASS to approach the relevant organisation(s) on their behalf please contact Marlene Taylor on 0141 420 2050 or

Following on from the GRAND 2012 conference, Police Scotland in partnership with FASS have now produced an information flyer explaining to the next of kin what procedures must be followed by the police and Procurator Fiscal following a suspected drug related death.


Since this event the conference 'Chap at the Door' has been massively popular with request from all over Scotland for the drama to be performed and to date it has been performed at Holyrood, various service providers events and several local community events.

The demand for 'Chap at the Door' to be performed, resulted in GRAND 365 funding 3 large events throughout Glasgow in May 2013. These events were a great success and helped to raise awareness of the issues raised in the Drama and to promote our services along with  the support groups and recovery groups in Glasgow.

If you would like more information about our drama's please contact FASS on 0141 420 2050 or