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Providing confidential support to families affected by a loved one's drug or alcohol problems

Welcome to FASS


FASS is a confidential support service for parents and adult family members affected by or concerned about a loved one's drug or alcohol use.

We offer support, advice and information to parents, spouses, partners, adult family members, kinship carers and close friends who due to their loved one's alcohol or drug problems are feeling the negative impact which this has on them.

Drugs and alcohol can have a devastating effect on families. If you have reason to believe someone close to you is misusing drugs or alcohol you might consider getting in touch with us!

We know how you feel and you are not alone!

FASS is open between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Outside office hours a message can be left on our out of office answer service on 0141 420 2050 and someone will return your call. You can also contact us by email at


FASS provides a variety of support including:

  • Family Support

  • Kinship Support

  • Bereavement Support

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Holistic Therapy

  • Respite Breaks

  • And many other services  See more >>

Support Groups

FASS has 22 Support Groups throughout Glasgow, these groups include:

  • Family Support

  • Kinship Support

  • Bereavement Support

  • And more  See more >>

FASS has been supporting families affected by a loved one's drug or alcohol problems for over 30 years!

“The help I got was unbelievable and phone support was great. I can phone anytime. I feel less stressed and know I can rely on FASS for help in the Future”

Kinship Support Client


All the staff at FASS are fantastic and have been extraordinarily welcoming and helpful. Brilliant Service”


Hypnotherapy Client

“What a great service I have received, I am so grateful

Family  Support Client


“I am on a journey and as just one of the services I get from FASS it's all complimenting my growth and confidence. I enjoy coming to FASS for help, with my Holistic Therapist..”

Holistic Therapy Client

"FASS has helped me to cope with my bereavements and also helped me deal with my stress levels. I get a lot of support from the support groups

Support Group Member